104 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10016
(646) 590-0994

We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
This lunch buffet is really good. $11.95 Mon-Sat. $12.95 Sunday. Good meat and veggie selections. But what this separates this from the other lunch buffets #nearby is that they give you a small dosa, chaat and a little grilled #chicken piece.They filled my #water glass up at least 3 times. Maybe 4. 5 Stars.
Brooklyn, NY
I have not eaten in a Lexington Ave. Indian restaurant in quite a while. While strolling down looking for lunch I walked past SAHIB. Peering through the window I liked the minimalist decor. I walked in and was very politely seated. The waiter asked if I was interested in the buffet and I indicated that I was. I selected rice and several other dishes including a chicken dish and a lamb dish. When I returned to my table there was a basket of Indian bread and a plate of assorted condiments. The chicken and lamb were fork tender, the sauces they were in were incredibly well seasoned and spiced. The bread was fluffy and crispy on the edges. Shortly after I began eating a waiter brought to my table baked chicken drumsticks. I cannot remember eating such flavored and will cooked chicken before. Dining here without a recommendation was a great experience. I shall return!
Howard F.
Went there a few weeks ago for a birthday party and all of us really found this place to be outstanding. We ordered a huge mix of dishes, and passed them up and down the table of about 18 or 20, so we had a pretty good sampling.
Chris W.
Manhattan, NY
Came here for lunch buffet. The inside is pretty and modern, unexpected for curry hill. The wait staff were all super friendly and helpful though out our meal. They were attentive. The food was tasty, much better than expected for a $12 buffet. Also they had a really good spread, three meats, three veggies, and they bring you dosa and tandoori chicken while eating. Fresh naan brought to you while you eat. Really, for less than the price of one entree, you get the whole shebang, and it is good!!!
Neil B.
Manhattan, NY
This has been, by far, my favorite Indian restaurant in NYC! I'm Indian myself and quite picky when it comes to authentic Indian cuisine. Though everything was yummy, the murgh chops were by far a crowd pleaser (3 pieces). Hats off to Chef Mathur!
Shivani C.
TriBeCa, Manhattan, NY
This is by far my favorite Indian restaurant in the city. Prahlad and his team, really create a wonderful and authentic experience.They treat you like family and make sure that each bite is going to leave you fully satisfied. The chef is extremely dynamic and seems to care about each individual dish, from chicken tikka Marsala to vindaloo, he is as dynamic as it gets. I recommend Sahib very highly.
Robert Z.
Princeton, NJ
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